Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chalkboard #3 CEREMONY

I have never ever ever done a chalk board this way! I think it was because my friend Buffy was in the studio with me working on a watercolor, so I was thinking about watercolor. I have never fully drawn out a chalkboard before coloring it! I usually color, draw and create all at the same time. 
With watercolor I have to think and plan and have my drawing completed before I paint, so maybe that process just carried over. I also erased and resprayed this chalkboard 3 different times in the initial stages before I finally got it drawn out. Whew! It feels good to have it completed :) 

I lugged this board to Sara's studio in Des Moines and worked on coloring in the words and branches there. We had such a wonderful time of fellowship and creativeness! It was a busy day, so I didn't finish this board until I was at home and worked until 2am. I have had some late nights! I think this is my favorite one so far. Btw: These boards (RECEPTION and CEREMONY) are bigger than the WELCOME board and measure 19'' by 38''


  1. Beautiful!!! Watercolor chalk!!!

  2. Turned out marvelous!!!! Glad to see that the names fit, and so beautifully too. :) Great job!