Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Luma Stitchery

You know that feeling when you walk outside, soft grass under your feet, flowers blooming, birds singing, the breeze is warm and fragrant, you know its going to be a perfect day and your heart swells with happiness? That is how I felt painting this illustration. It was so refreshing to come back to my whimsical style after doing several design focused illustrations for Minted and West Elm.

I was working for the talented Amanda Eudy of Luma Stitchery. She opened an Etsy shop where she sells her lovely hand-sewn diaper bags. She named her shop "Luma" after her son, Luke and daughter, Emma. (its a combination of their names.) I had a great time working on this illustration and trying to put a little bit of Emma and Luke in there! "Luma" reminded me of the would "luminous" so I wanted her illustration to reflect the light of the moon.

Isn't this a sweet bag? Wait till you see all the zipped compartments and handy pockets inside!

My job was to create a logo and Etsy banner. I will share the banner after it is stitched with its full length and the text is added. I scanned in my line art before painting for her logo. This was a fun job! Thanks Amanda : ) Can't wait to see it all put together!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Creating a world of consistency

I am getting ready to start on a project, and I am realizing how much learning and discovering I still have to do. As an illustrator you have to create characters and carry them through a world. Now, that might sound easy, but its not! (for me at least.)

You have to decide what your trees look like. What your sky looks like, what your grass looks like. You have to choose a color palette that will stay consistent and complimentary and your lines have to be believably the same all the way through!

Here is an example with birch trees. It took me 4 paintings (over 2 years) to discover the way I like painting birch trees. From now on my birch trees will look consistent. Now I need to apply that to everything else in my illustration world.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

State of the Art Winners!

Congratulations to all of Minted's State of the Art challenge winners! Check out the winner's page! You will find a ton of inspiring art work. A special congrats to Yao Cheng for her lovely Landscape of Triangles and Dots.