Monday, August 15, 2011

Caroling Woods

I am working on building up some seasonal pieces for the holidays. It is kinda funny thinking about snow, hot chocolate and caroling this time of year, but this painting felt like a breath of fresh air during some 100 degree days.

Recently my paintings have been split up into little tiny chunks of time, taking a couple days or weeks to complete. I started this drawing in July and brought it on vacation with me to finish at Lake Okoboji where I was staying with my husband's family. One day on the lake front one of Casey's Aunts asked me what I was painting. Sitting surrounded by cousins and family I thought in my head.... "well, its a painting of a cardinal, mouse, hedgehog, rabbit and squirrel Christmas Caroling.... that sounds really stupid...." so I just said out loud, "I am working on a Christmas scene." I was actually embarrassed by what I was painting because it sounds so silly! I have decided that in the future, when someone asks me what I am painting, that I will proudly say... "A frog playing a violin..." or whatever silly thing it might be.

I am really pleased by the sky! I have avoided painting sky, weather, or any sort of atmosphere until now. The swirling sky was the most challenging part of this piece! I compared this winter scene to my "Snow Cats" I painted in April and I am so excited to see so much improvement in color and composition! I think I am getting somewhere!


  1. I am in love with this painting! Do you sell your work? Where can I find more of you pieces?

  2. Thank you Lindsey :) I just sent my first set of original watercolors to Fine Print Imaging in CO where they will be professionally printed, these little guys included! Currently this is the best place to find my work. Let me know if you are interested in a print! Thanks for looking and for the encouragement!