Saturday, September 29, 2012

SCBWI Show at the Gilded Pear

The Gilded Pear Gallery in Cedar Rapids, IA presents the SCBWI illustrator's show! A dozen local illustrators have gathered to show their work through November 10th. You can see lovely illustrations from artists like Erin Taylor, Candace Camling and Dorothia Rohner. Thank you Suzy, for hosting such a great event, and to all those who dreamed up the idea and made it happen. Hope you enjoy the reception this evening!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wedding Tree

It has been a busy season! I haven't had much time for illustration, but have found other outlets for creativity painting on walls and completing different sorts of commissions.
I have been ordering, packaging and mailing prints to various places, which takes a bit of time, sold some paintings at a fall festival last weekend and am preparing for an illustrator's show in Cedar Rapids this weekend.

This is a wedding tree I finished last week for my cousin-in-law's wedding. Guests will sign this tree by leafing a fingerprint.... pun intended: the fingerprints will be the leaves on the tree!

Cheers to the happy couple : )

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Piece of Work Inc.

On Saturday Casey and I drove to Spirit Lake to move my art from the exhibition cove to a nice wall at A Piece of Work Inc.
They were kind enough to sell 13 of my prints during the month of August! I am signed on to stay through December. Thank you Ken and Haley and all the staff that have made my first gallery show a pleasure and a success!
...And a million thanks to Dave and Piper Hobbs (Get Framed) who put in hours on their day off cutting mats and delivering glass and foam-core! You guys are the best and make all of the detail prep a lot of fun.