Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chalk Stock 2013

I participated in A Piece of Work Inc.'s 4th annual Chalk Stock event in Spirit Lake this last weekend. I was honored to receive first place this year! We all worked away and as soon as the judging was over it rained and all washed away! How wonderful that it held off until we were all finished.

I chalked one of my watercolor illustrations, after slightly changing the composition in a sketch.

Here are my neighbor's pieces! My friend's abstract piece (She is currently featured at A Piece of Work and has really nice stuff, Jellyfish done on a very large scale, and the shadow of a bird with a surprising (and quite shocking) finish!

We all had a great time : )

Native American Girl

This one is my favorite so far. My friend helped me by posing her daughter for a reference picture. It was so nice to work from a strong reference. I dressed her in traditional Navajo attire and bound up her doll to resemble a cradle board. Petroglyphs are in the background.

African Boy

I can see progress in my ability to paint children, although this guy was pretty difficult as I used 4 different references and tried to put them all together. This is number 3 in my six international children that I am illustrating for a Sunday school curriculum.