Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Fall :) Shoe Sailing Mice

This year at Shenfest, the local frame shop, Get Framed, is holding a "Saddle Shoe Art" contest in honor of Chuck Offenberger, the saddle shoe wearin' columnist from Shenandoah, IA. Each entry must contain saddle shoes :) I thought this was such a fun idea and couldn't resist taking part.

We are so excited about fall! turning leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters and scarves, crisp air and cloudy skies, butternut squash soup, yellow fields, candle light and cozy nights!

These little mice are enjoying fall to the fullest!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sailing by the Light of the Moon

Inspired by a lovely sailing adventure with my husband and brothers. 

Lots of waves, splashing, crashing
tumbling over, tumbling over
If only the lake's surface wasn't so hard
more like clouds in fluffy mounds
If only the water wasn't so wet
jibing, flying turning left
sailing into the midnight air
moon shining brightly, pulling, ducking
now its calmer way up here
bailing stars and calming fears
like a dream... dream... dream...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Chalk Stock Festival

A couple weekends ago I participated in Spirit Lake's 2nd annual Chalk Stock festival hosted by A Piece of Work art gallery.
The chalk work started at 6:30 am as artists lined Spirit Lake's main street sidewalks. We had until 4pm to finish our designated square(s), then the judging began!
It was a perfect semi-cloudy day with no rain which made the work pleasant. I had a great time socializing with other artists and watching each one complete their square.

I chose to draw a paddle fish, a prehistoric-looking fish that used to live in Lake Okoboji, a neighboring lake where I was staying with the entire Groves family. Last year on our Groves family vacation I came across the Chalk festival and kept all the information to enter the following year. This was a much anticipated event!

In a crazy fury I finished my squares (4' by 8') It was so fun! The judges then came around to determine the winners. There would be a first place, $300, second place, $150 and then four $50 categories: most original, best portrait, best landscape, and most 3-D. I was hoping for first or second place, but I won for most 3-D. Woo hoo! That was great, and I am looking forward to entering again next year.

I was just emailed a sneak preview of the Chalk Stock festival poster! The koy fish on the left near the bottom won first place and the "mad trio" musicians on the top left corner won second place :) You can click on the image of the poster to make it bigger. Enjoy!