Sunday, July 27, 2014

Minted Journal/Notebook Cover Challenge

This is my entry for Minted's current contest:

Customizable Journal/Notebook cover. You can customize your hidden love message and your own initials : )

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Red Fox Ribbon

Minted hosted a contest for customizable children's art, called the "Never Too Early" challenge.  I usually cringe when I enter a Minted challenge that requires personalization options and increased Photoshop skills, but I feel like I am starting to get the hang of it after much trial and error.

I am very excited about this entry, because it is a new style for me and has opened up a whole new world of ideas. It is a mix of fine art and Photoshop, which means I can't slip the original into my portfolio like I usually do. I will have to order my own print from Minted if I want to show it off!

This print allows you to personalize your daughter's name and birth date. My little niece, Dayla, helped me pick out the colors stating that she has, "Only seen red and orange foxes, so why would you do anything else?" Well, that was easy : )

The date happens to be the due date of our little one who we are expecting in December!

Here is a look at the process. I started with a pen outline and then watercolored it in. I scanned the image and then carefully erased the line in Photoshop because I felt it took away from the clean simplicity. Next I downloaded "Paper cute" from and added the text.

I have a fun idea for a boy's illustration, so I will have to wait for the next challenge. Next time I will forgo the pen and use a soft pencil line that I can manually erase!

Finally Home! Lets Catch Up.

Summer is always a crazy time for everyone! This summer we get to enjoy 2.5 weeks at home, starting a couple days ago! My husband and I direct an over night summer camp during the month of June. Then we had a week of wedding festivities out of town, then we immediately left for a week long conference in Kansas City! Soon we will be going to Oregon to visit my family. By the time we get back, school will be back in session!

I have fit bits of art in here in there. Mostly contest entries for Here are my six entries for the Art Fair Challenge: Wild Hare, Dachshund, Strawberry Plant, Oregon Mushrooms, Turtle Shell Top and Turtle Shell Bottom. I will be very pleased if a couple of them win a place at Minted!