Monday, May 9, 2011

An Outing For Foxes

I have out grown my scanner! I am missing about an inch all the way around :( Oh well, It feels good to be working bigger after so many smaller paintings.

On Saturday Casey and I went to the tulip festival in Pella and rode our bikes all around. Then we went to Grays Lake Park in Des Moines and rode around enjoying all the blossoming trees! Not only was I inspired by our outing, but this painting is another one of Casey's imaginative ideas :) Foxes riding a tandem bike! What a wonderful idea. Flowers, trees and bicycles.... too bad we didn't see any foxes.


  1. Love it, Natalie! It's just delightful :-) And isn't Tulip Time fun! I haven't been for a few years but I always enjoy it.

  2. Once again, beautiful! You guys even resemble the foxes,, smelling the flowers, and Casey, ..diligently getting to his destination!

  3. This is definitely one of your best yet. Yellow was a good choice of color for the bike too, most other colors wouldn't work well with the grass, foxes, tires, etc.

    Very pretty :-)

  4. *jaw drop*

    nothin' to crit. it's astounding and beautiful in every way. truly resembles you and Casey! love it!!