Thursday, April 14, 2011

Snow Cats: Casey's Imagination

This drawing was inspired by my husband. On a snowy day he said, "Wouldn't it be so cute if our cats had little vests and snow skis?" Well, yes, that would be very cute. So for our anniversary in December I drew him a card with our little cats dressed up with hats and scarves ready to ski.

I decided to redraw the same illustration and apply some watercolor. Here is a look at the process:

Pen drawing on 140 lb hot press watercolor paper

I added detail with a brown colored pencil.  Sized the paper and taped it to my board.

I masked off where I wanted the snow flakes to be and did my first glaze of color. 

Sometimes, well, most of the time, I really like my piece after the first couple glazes of color while it is still washed out looking. This is the point where I have to push myself to carefully add more color. 

Snow Cats

I like how happy Viola looks :) She is the grey kitty on the left. 

I scanned in my drawing before painting because I really liked the way it looked. I want to improve my under drawing and watercolor technique so I don't lose as much texture. I rely so much on my strong lines that I end up just coloring in with watercolor. How do I improve in this area? I want my colors to be more descriptive and luminous. It will just take more practice!


  1. you are so amazing! i loved seeing the step by step process. cheers, damaris

  2. Hehe, love it! I agree, Viola is very happy, almost on her tip toes happy. :)

    I really like the colored pencil addition...of course. ;) But I think reminding yourself of the color wheel and color relationships can boost the luminosity of your pieces without having to add many layers. Your Strawberry Nap piece does this without many layers.

    Hope that made sense. :P

  3. Yes, that makes sense. As far as applying the color wheel... I will need to look at one and remember which colors contrast and compliment and then put it to use.

    How are the love birds coming? Can't wait to paint on monday :)

  4. I wish I could answer your question, but I am so new to watercolors.

    This piece is so charming, I love every detail and the feeling of it.

    You sized it after you sketched it? Is your pencil smear proof?

  5. Hi Tammie,
    I sized it after drawing the black lines and brown colored pencil. I usually wait 20 min. to make sure the pen is completely dry. I use waterproof prismacolor pens. I don't think colored pencils smear, I have used some different brands and none of them have smeared.