Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. B

Meet Mr. and Mrs. B
Mr. B has been out all day building. At sunset he meets Mrs. B at their favorite spot to enjoy a supper of water lilies she has gathered from the pond. 

This illustration involved some research. My first idea was to paint Mr. B fishing and Mrs. B joining him with a picnic basket. Then much to my dismay I read that Beavers don't eat fish, they are omnivores. I had to rework my whole idea. I learned that beavers eat tree bark, roots, buds and water plants.

I also did some sketching on drawing paper before moving to watercolor paper. I did a bunch of sketches I didn't like and then moved to the watercolor paper and did a completely different drawing that turned out great! Sometimes sketching is just a way to get all the bad ideas out of my head, until I know that the next sketch from my hand will be a good one. That is why I don't like keeping a sketch diary, I would always be looking back on weak drawings and bad ideas.

I have an idea for my next piece. It will be two separate paintings that go together. The Owl and the Pussycat, inspired by one of my favorite children's books illustrated by Jan Brett, poem written by Edward Lear.


  1. I love it Natalie! Your art brings me joy!

  2. you're definitely on your way to being a children's book illustrator. can't wait to see your name on my kid's bedtime stories!