Friday, February 22, 2013

Banana Slug Bash

This is what banana slugs and snails do after the sun goes down. Tonight they are celebrating a particular slug's birthday!

I painted this for my dear friend Piper Hobbs (inspired by her wild imagination) to celebrate her birthday, which was quite a while ago! Piper was the first "stranger" to buy my artwork when it was on display in Omaha. Since then she had sold many of my prints and paintings in her delightful shop, and continues to encourage me in my pursuits. We have become good friends and I always look forward to visiting her and her husband in Shenandoah. I always leave with my sails filled and new inspiration : )

Many of my painting have a hidden snail. I decided to make an appearance at the party in snail form. Piper, which slug would you like to be?

Here is the drawing and a picture of the process.


  1. I really like your style, very pretty. How do you outline your drawings?

    1. Hi Tessa, Thank you! I drew this illustration with a waterproof brown colored pencil. In many of my other illustrations I outline with a black pen.

  2. ah, this is quite charming.
    i love seeing the steps you took. so lovely that you have a inspiring friendship.