Monday, March 24, 2014

Mr. Owl

Mr. Owl is all dressed up in feathers and ready for tea! 

Sometimes my paintings go through an awkward stage, where the colors are unbalanced, too hot or to cold, sometimes I lay down the wrong color, or textures don't look right. So many things can go wrong, especially since I am still learning through trial and error on some of my favorite illustrations! Mr Owl went through such a horrible awkward stage that I seriously felt sick to my stomach for 2 hours while I tried to "fix" him. I was ready to start the hard work of re drawing him (with out a light box for tracing.)  I have always been able to problem solve my way out of these situations, and I was able to with Mr Owl even though it seemed pretty hopeless! Kinda goes with his grumpy mood. He was a stinker to paint! But now he is done and I think he looks great!

Working with watercolor can be very challenging, but I don't think I will ever trade it for digital! The feeling of accomplishment is great!

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