Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Sky is the Limit WIP

I am working on an illustration for the Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators! This will be used for their promotional material for the Spring conference in Iowa. This is a sketch of my third concept. My sketches are always very loose because I enjoy doing all of the thinking and problem solving on the actual illustration paper so it stays fresh and lively.

I attended my first conference last year and really enjoyed meeting other artists and writers, learning about the industry and receiving my first portfolio critique. I wanted to capture my experience in this illustration.
Owl represents those who come to the conference with a manuscript to be read by an agent or publisher. He is trying to relax with his wing behind his head, but you can tell he is a little nervous.
Cat is enjoying Owl's story in the way we all hope our life's work will be enjoyed!
Rabbit is an illustrator. Working hard on sketches.
Hedgehog is enjoying a completed and published book with Mole, who just popped up for a surprise visit! All five are important for the success of a book (as are many others.)
The snail represents perseverance, the slow and steady work that it takes to succeed.

An aviation/sky theme is woven throughout keeping with the theme for the conference, "The Sky is the Limit!" Can't wait to paint this!

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