Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mini Artist's Retreat and The Jarlsberg Inn

Me, Candace and Sara

On Friday my artist friends from Des Moines came for a day of painting! I got the good end of the deal sitting with 2 accomplished illustrators and art teachers! Sara and Candace were an encouragement to me, freely sharing their experience and pushing me to better my illustration. Sara and Candace compared our time to their college years, sitting with fellow students, sharing information and experience and offering fresh eyes to see each others work.
We shared coffee and toasty sandwiches, played with kittens, walked in the timber, enjoyed the quite countryside and were quite productive around the table! We are already looking forward to our next retreat.

I had no idea that moving to the middle of nowhere with my husband would land me in the middle of a small community of thriving artists! I am grateful and looking forward to more mini artist retreats. If you are an artist in the area come join us!

I finished this piece named "The Jarlsberg Inn." Its a tiny winter lodge for mice, located somewhere in Scandinavia, where mice outwit cats.


  1. It's so exciting to see a piece finished and so vibrant! I love the wee story that goes with it. I totally can not wait till the next retreat!! ^_^ Love you!